Solar Shades UAE

We are specialized Architectural, Decoration, Safety Films and Window installation.
We are well organized with skilled team and professional management with in-depth knowledge in the industry of solar film to provide the sun control and energy saving solutions to you on all kind of customised surfaces.

Our Products

Sun Control Window Film

Solar Shades installs a range of films, each designed to reduce the build-up of heat within your premises.

Windows help to brighten the interior of your house. By letting in beautiful natural light but they are also the cause of excessive heat, higher energy bills, furniture fading and dangerous UV rays.

By installing residential window films at home and workplace, you can keep your place safe from excessive heat and UV damage in the natural light you enjoy.

Safety & Security Film

Solar Shades is specialised in the application of Security window films to provide you effective barrier, serving to deliver increased security as well as peace of mind.

Solar Gard Safety and security window film can prevent windows from being severely damaged by harsh weather conditions or any kind of accident, thus making your home safer and more secure for you workplace.

The films are available in several thickness variants to suit your personal preference and needs. Moreover, in case of an intrusion, the window film could prevent glass breakage deterring perpetrators from further pursuing their criminal activity. This will give you enough time to reach a safer location and alert the authorities.

Glass Manifestation

Solar Shades provides state of the art equipment and makes it possible to create logos, graphics, illustrations and design that can be applied to a variety of surface.

Decorative glass films can be customised to make give you the right level of privacy of your choice for your office or home. Solar Gard Films are available in a wide range of designs, with different patterns, textures, and colours, which create dynamic and exciting visual effects on any surface.


  • Glass & Aluminium Installations
  • Air Conditioner Ventilation & Air Filtration
  • Solar Energy System Installations
  • False Ceiling & Light Partitions Installation
  • Plumbing & Sanitary Contracting