Heat Control & Energy Saving

The high performance film can reduce heat up to 80% whilst allowing natural light to pass through your premises, also reducing energy consumption and strain on air conditioning units to save money on energy bills.


Solar Gard’s UV protection window films can filter out up to 99% of harmful UV rays to prevent your furniture, upholstery, and rugs from fading without drastic alteration to the appearance of window glass. These films are beneficial for furniture shops, museums and art galleries as well as your home and office.

Privacy Factor

Solar Gard’s frosted films varying in appearance and different properties in order to provide you privacy and comfort in decorative manner. These films give your glass a classic sandblasted, acid etched appearance which prevents vision through glazing without sacrificing sunlight.

Natural Elements Protection

Often residents in the U.A.E face unexpected and turbulent weather conditions. By installing Solar Gard anti-shatter window film, your office or building occupants can have their minds at ease should they encounter any such natural conditions. Whether it be strong gusts of wind or extreme heat, your house or workplace will be protected.

Criminal Activity Protection

When it comes to theft and robbery, the most vulnerable part of your building are your glass windows – protect them with the installation of Solar Gard anti-shatter film.