Paint Protection Films


Your car is more than just a mode of transportation – it is a long-term investment. As with all long-term investments, you want to get the best value out of your vehicle. Make sure you maintain the value of your vehicle with industry leading paint protection from one of the leading experts in Dubai today – Solar Shades UAE

Reliable protection for your vehicle’s paint

Solar Shades is yourcomplete source ofprotective film solutions in Dubai. We are capable of sourcing, providing,and applying protective film on cars of every make and model. Since 1981, we have been providing customers with high quality services and products. It is this consistency and commitment to excellence that has made us Dubai’s most trusted provider of protective film for vehicles for more than 30 years.

We have partnered with world-leading film manufacturers to provide our customers the best choices at highly competitive prices.Furthermore, we have highly trained personnel who will meticulously apply the film on your car, so that it looks nothing more than a transparent sheen on your vehicle.

So whether you need protective film applied on your daily driver, or just on specific portions, you can count on us to deliver the highest level of service.

The advantages of having car paint protection in Dubai

There are plenty of benefits to having protective film applied on your vehicle. For one, it helps in retaining the quality of the paint. Daily driving exposes your car to the harsh elements. Protective films can protect your car’s paint from small debris and prevent it from getting scratched. It can also shield the vehicle surface from harsh UV rays, which can cause paint to fade and lose vividness. When it comes to maintenance, protective films make stains easier to remove. The shiny and glossy finish keeps the surface from collecting grime and dust. If you are considering selling your car for an upgrade in the future, having paint protection installed allows you to keep the resale value at a premium.


  • Superior protection against daily wear and tear
  • Practically invisible when applied
  • Customisable for application in specific areas of a vehicle
  • Smooth and glossy finish
  • Remains clear and transparent, even after a long time
  • Improves your car’s trade-in condition and resale value