Sun Control Window Film

Solar Shades installs a range of films, each designed to reduce the build-up of heat within your premises.

With our Solar Gard Tinting Films, your windows will be able to reduce the solar rays entering your home by as much as 80 percent. This heat reduction can convert to energy cost savings by 30 percent. It can also prevent fading your furniture, upholstery, carpeting and wall paint by UV rays. In terms of improving the overall interior environment of your home, tinting can reduce instances of glare and hotspots. This means you can enjoy reading a book or watching a series on TV without being bothered by excessive sunlight.

Windows help to brighten the interior of your house. By letting in beautiful natural light but they are also the cause of excessive heat, higher energy bills, furniture fading and dangerous UV rays.

By installing residential window films at home and workplace, you can keep your place safe from excessive heat and UV damage in the natural light you enjoy.