Car Detailing

A vehicle is much more than simply a way of getting around, especially in the UAE. It’s common for drivers to form a connection with their car, whether it be due to the effort saving the money or just from spending a large amount of time driving around. Whether it’s a new vehicle you have just purchased or a classic model that requires devoted care, our car detailing service provides the deep clean, polish and wax required for an exceptional finish both inside and out. From improving luster and sheen to bringing out the colour of the panels, it’s a more cost-effective solution to preserve your vehicle than a full respray.

Routine Preventative Maintenance

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that car detailing in Dubai is only for luxury or exotic vehicles — in fact, it’s accepted as a basic step to maintain optimal appearance and function of all cars. For example, rust and corrosion caused by acid rain or road grime can be prevented by having the body of the vehicle waxed; this also works to repel fading caused by UV rays. With car detailing just a few times in a year, you can improve your car’s resale value by up to 15%.

Removal of Germs and Allergens

By using cutting edge industrial equipment, we can provide thorough and efficient car detailing Dubai residents can rely on to get their vehicles looking show quality. Because we can get into the most hard-to-reach areas, we are able to clear air conditioning vents of gathered allergens that can irritate asthmatics and other susceptible passengers. In fact, our team can eradicate 99.99% of bacteria and germs from the interior of your car and can remove the evidence of eating or smoking inside.

Just Like the Day You Bought It

Similar to having a messy home, excess grime and dirt on both the inside and outside of your car can make you feel pretty miserable. On the other side of the coin, there is nothing quite like getting behind the wheel after our comprehensive detailing service. From waxing and polishing for a sparkling exterior to a full steam vacuum for a fresh interior, we can get any vehicle looking like new.

Improving Safety

If your visibility while driving is affected by the sun glaring on grimy windows, you and your passengers are put in real danger. In a similar way, headlights are dramatically less effective when obstructed by dirt. With our exterior car detailing and headlight restoration service, you can ensure your car is in the best possible condition for the road.

Exterior Detailing Services
  • Removal of dirt, marks and grime through steam wash
  • Eradicate surface contaminants using clay bar
  • Compounding for removal of minor scratches
  • Polishing to get rid of swirl marks
  • Waxing for lasting shine and added protection
Interior Detailing Services
  • Conditioning of leather and fabric
  • Wet vacuum of carpet and upholstery
  • Protection and shine of dashboard and vinyl
  • Dust and germ removal from AC vents and upholstery
  • Contaminant extraction with high pressure steam
Engine Detailing Services
  • Proprietary products for effective degreasing
  • General wash to get rid of dirt and grime
  • Through clean of stubborn areas with
    high pressure steam
  • Shining and protection for engine components